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With our email archiving solution, you can turn emails into searchable documents, reduce email storage, use ultra fast search and exporting tools, meet regulatory requirements, give employees access to archived messages reduce costs and so much more!

Come learn why Message Logic is ideal for your business, educational institution or government agency. Whether you have regulatory requirements to meet, want to reduce email storage costs, need to give employees access to older messages or just need a solution for good record keeping; Message logic has the right email archiving solution for you. In addition, to leading technology with high performance we give you multiple purchase options including a physical appliance, Cloud managed service or the only certified VMware Ready email archiving software.

For more than a decade Message Logic has been delivering solutions for email archiving to all industries and companies worldwide. You will find all of our solutions simple to use, but advanced in capabilities with unique features to make your job easier. Come learn why Message Logic is a leading provider of email archiving solutions.

Powerful Process to ensure the accurate collection and management of every message

  • Inbound, Outbound, Internal and External
  • Exchange, Notes, Office 365, Kerio, Zimbra, Google and more!
  • full-text index of all messages and attachments
  • Protect your intellectual Property
  • full policy enforcement management
  • Catagorizes messages into 50+ compliance and measurement categories
  • Real-time alerts and reports on potential policy violations to senders and/or management
  • Reduces risk and enforces policies
  • Preserve your records with record retention rules
  • Apply tages and identifiers to messages
  • Regulatory supervision
  • Apply "Litigation Holds" on messages to preserve them
  • single instance storage
Search and Retrieve
  • Basic search capabilites
  • Category search is unique with custom categories and analytics
  • In-depth legal discovery with boolean expressions, fuzzy, text, etc.
  • Single Message and bulk exports
  • Employee access to their archived messages

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