Data Storage Corporation Announces Cloud Enabled Email Archiving Software

The Message Logic division of Data Storage Corporation delivers world-class email archiving solutions and has introduced its Cloud Enabled Software program for organizations moving their infrastructure to the Cloud

New York, NY – June 23, 2015 – Message Logic announces their Cloud Enabled Software program for email archiving. Organizations worldwide are looking to move their applications to the cloud, and email archiving is a top motivator. Message Logic not only makes it simple for organizations to migrate to the cloud, but also offers deployment in any major cloud environment. Customers can now purchase and deploy Message Logic’s MLArchiver in their favorite cloud. It’s that simple.

World leading cloud ecosystems, such as IBM Cloud (Softlayer), Microsoft Cloud (Azure), VMware vCloud Air, Amazon Web Services and more, are certified and compatible to work in conjunction with Message Logic technology. This allows companies a seamless integration to cloud optimization with the MLArchiver solution. In addition, the solution is ready for fast deployment, and leverages cloud resources for scalable processing and storage.

Message Logic is advanced technology, developed as a fully compliant solution that organizations can benefit from, at a flexible price in any cloud environment. Organizations from all industries now have the option to archive their emails while remaining complaint with industry regulations; as well as avoiding large fines, reducing storage costs, and using their cloud of choice. “The world is going to the cloud, and we are helping customers move their email archives from existing solutions, or deploy new ones for them,” said Stephen Catanzano, Executive Vice President of Data Storage Corporation.

Message Logic’s email archiving tool is the solution to the many archiving challenges faced by organizations worldwide. The tool offers fast responses to regulatory and legal search requests, with full legal discovery and management tools. Record management is made simple by turning emails into unalterable searchable records, with pre-defined retention periods. These capabilities reduce the IT costs by archiving older email to reduce storage cost, and the strain on email systems. The features of this solution assist in satisfying regulatory requirements, as well as enforcing corporate policy.

About Message Logic

Message Logic, a business unit of Data Storage Corporation, delivers regulatory compliant email archiving and analytics as Cloud and customer site solutions. The company specializes in meeting all email archiving regulatory requirements, for all industries; the solution combines archiving with analytics to deliver a new level of advanced capabilities. For more information, visit

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