Data Storage Corporation Announces “Smart Archiving”

The Message Logic division of Data Storage Corporation delivers world-class email archiving solutions and has introduced its latest Smart Archiving capabilities that address the growing demand for customers to “know what they are archiving”.

New York, NY – July 28, 2015 – Message Logic. Organizations worldwide are faced with the requirements to store all employee emails as unalterable corporate records, with a set retention policy, and to retrieve them on demand. “Corporate governance, regulatory compliance, the legal eDiscovery process, internal employee related issues, and just good business practices are driving the demand for email archiving,” said Stephen Catanzano, Executive Vice President of Message Logic. “The big challenge now is to ensure that those emails being stored as permanent corporate records are not harmful to the organization. This is the genesis of our Smart Archiving”.

MLArchiver provides clients with exclusive Smart Archiving technology, which is a new intelligent way to archive messages. This tool combines functions for email records management, retention policies, advanced searching, analytics, policy violations and supervision into one powerful solution. Regardless of the size of your organization, it is critical to “know what you are archiving” and take proactive steps to ensure compliance. Smart Archiving lets you automate the entire process from collecting email messages from any email platform, converting them into unalterable corporate records, setting specific retention periods and policy violation alerts, to indexing and analysis. These features make each record and attachment searchable, with 100% certainty that you can quickly find and deliver any message when needed. Additional capabilities extend the functionality to the enterprise, with employees’ ability to access their archived messages, legal hold capabilities, and advanced supervision to meet specific FINRA requirements. “Other solutions just do not offer the capabilities needed to have an effective email archiving program,” said Victoria Piluso, who is part of Message Logic’s Marketing and Business Development team. “With our Cloud, Virtual software, and appliance offerings equipped with Smart Archiving, putting a cost effective program in place is simple.”

Message Logic’s MLArchiver is designed with the flexibility to meet a myriad of customer requirements.  The technology is optimized for all leading cloud infrastructures, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), IBM Cloud (SoftLayer), Microsoft Azure, and VMware vCloud Air. The solution’s cloud offering, MLArchiver Cloud, can be purchased and deployed on a customer’s favorite cloud account, or as a fully managed service. The virtual cloud offering, MLArchiverVM, can also be deployed in a customer’s preferred cloud environment or on-premise. The appliance, MLArchiver Appliance, can be purchased with all the storage and processing power to seamlessly scale. The solution models can be purchased by the amount of storage an organization needs, number of employees, or can be purchased as a license or subscription model. Message Logic technology is customizable to be purchased and delivered to meet the needs of any organization.

About Message Logic

Message Logic, a business unit of Data Storage Corporation, delivers regulatory compliant email archiving and analytics as Cloud and customer site solutions. The company specializes in meeting all email archiving regulatory requirements, for all industries; the solution combines archiving with analytics to deliver a new level of advanced capabilities. For more information, visit

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